15 000 swear to follow Levski’s oath in the Castle “In love with the wind”

levskis oath

15 000 Bulgarians have signed the oath of Vasil Levski to oversee Bulgaria and act in defence of the interests of our country. The Revival Initiative of the ritual of the Apostle of Freedom’s oath is at the Castle “In Love in the Wind” near Ravadinovo. The most visited Bulgarian attraction gathers the signatures under the oath of Levski to Bulgarians and visitors from all over the world for a third year.

Recent signatures under the patriotic promise were put by the National Assembly Deputy Speaker Yavor Notev and Czech Ambassador Dusan Strauh.

This is not the only patriotic initiative of the owner of the Castle Georgi Tumpalov. In the landmark, Patriots also transcribed Paisiy Hilendarski’s “Slavo-Bulgarian History”, with copies being given to various cultural institutions. The first copy was given personally by Georgi Tumpalov to the Bulgarian church in Edirne, Turkey. There have already been 12 transcripts from the patriotic book, and more than 20,000 Bulgarians and foreigners have worked on them.