Membership in the World Tourism Alliance

The Bulgarian Castle “In Love With the Wind” successfully presented Bulgaria at the Shanghai International Tourism Exhibition in April 2017, winning a Golden Prize for “Product Quality”, finishing ahead of Greenwich’s Royal Museums in London, Bintan Resort, Singapore and Los Angeles Congress Center. Only a few months later, at the invitation of MGM, the presentation of the Bulgarian attraction closed the World Investment Forum in Macao in the presence of heads of state and official guests from over 80 countries. Meanwhile, on the basis of online voting, the European Commission of Tourism announced The Castle in the list of TOP-3 of the Most Beautiful European Castles and its creator, architect and designer Georgi Tumpalov was awarded by the King of Belgium with the Order of Leopold II, Europe.

The castle is not only a participant in the international forums dedicated to integration in the field of tourism but also the initiator of many initiatives that have received a great international response. The Organized and Sponsored by the Castle International Photo Competition, dedicated to the “Year of EU-China Integration in Tourism” attracted more than 500 participants from 44 countries and the awarded works presented Bulgaria at the official ceremony in Venice at the beginning of the year.

The constant and purposeful efforts of the leadership of the Castle did not go unnoticed and deservedly the “In love with the wind” Castle, Ravadinovo was invited to become a full member of the World Tourism Alliance. In the organization, in members can become only structures with a fundamental contribution to the development of tourism in the world.

Just to compare: Only 27 elite organizations from Europe, including Air France, TUI, Alessandro Rosso Group and Saint Luis Foundation, have been honored to become members of the Alliance, and The Castle “In Love With the Wind” is the only one in Bulgaria and the entire former socialist camp.
The certificate of membership in the World Tourist Alliance is handed over to the Owner of the Castle Mr Georgi Tumpalov from the Executive Director of the organization Johnny Kim.