The names of the diffrent winds that give magical spirit to the Castle

In the beginning was the wind, which brings coolness during the summer, is at the heart of the creation of the Castle “In love with the wind” in Ravadinovo and it is an integral part of the fairy magic of the place. The natural phenomenon is revered by the antiquity of the region, and the 14 wind types known to the locals are with Latin, Venetian, Genoese, Levantine and Greek names. You can learn more about them from the enclosed map of the winds near the Castle.
The ancient name of the northern wind is called Dramoudana or Voryas, the one that spirals from the north-northeast direction is called Greo-Dramoudana, from the northeast – Greos, and from the east-northerly direction – Greo-Lewandi. The eastern wind is called Lewandi, the east-southeast direction – Sereko-Lewandi, Southeast – Sereko, South-South – Ostria. The southern winds are called Lozos or Nota, the south-southwest – Kostis, the southwest – Harbi, and the west-southwest – Bunentis. The wind from the West is named Maistro, and the Northwest – Maistro-Dramoudana.