The Castle in Love with the Wind in Ravadinovo presented the novelties for the summer season

The castle “In love with the wind” in Ravadinovo (next to Sozopol) presented the novelties for the summer season of 2024. This happened at a special info tour for tour operators and journalists. This year, in addition to the playrooms for children and adults, work is underway on a new project for a gazebo next to the lake, which will be a suitable place for romantic proposals, open wedding ceremonies and other pleasant occasions, announced Janko Krastev, manager of the castle. The Gazebo will be located opposite the Wishing Fountain, on the side of the castle with a wonderful view of the lake, which is a must-visit at sunset when it makes for great photos.

In the castle park, there is now another place that makes wishes come true – the frog fountain. The hosts say that any visitor who strokes the stone frogs on the bosom will enjoy grace and abundance, and if you want to meet love, you must give them a kiss.

Ticket prices are BGN 30, children under 7 are free, children under 17 are BGN 20, students are BGN 20, and pensioners are BGN 15. When buying a ticket online through the site, you get a 10% discount.

Anyone who bought a ticket at the box office to visit the castle can use a 20% discount within 3 days only for a full-day visit to the “Neptune” water park. The discount cannot be used with vouchers or e-tickets. The discount is only valid for all-day tickets to the water park. When visiting the Castle, keep your receipts or tickets, because with them you can use a 20% discount in the Neptune water park.

“In love with the wind” is the realization of a childhood dream of Georgi Tumpalov, who has been an architect, designer and builder since the very beginning, when in the distant 1996 he drew a large cross on the ground with a shovel and on it with the round-the-clock work of the whole family, workers from the nearby village of Ravadinovo and with God’s help he builds a magnificent castle stone by stone – a fairy tale come true, created with a lot of love.

The style of the castle is fabulous, magical. This is the secret of its magical effect – the realized dream of building something majestic that exists only in fairy tales. It was built from 20,000 tons of stone, which was specially mined from the bowels of Strandzha mountain. The stone is marbleized limestone and is present everywhere – in the fence, the artificial lake, the walls and towers, the chapel and the cellar. It contains traces of microdiamonds, which is why the castle changes its color at different times of the day – in the morning it has a shade of pink, during the day it is white, and on a full moon it shines. What makes the castle even more unique is that it is built in the shape of a cross – a sign of faith, love and dedication in its construction and development.

“In love with the wind” is a unique attraction, not only for Bulgaria. It attracts both Bulgarians and foreign tourists with equal interest and admiration. Immerse yourself in the fabulous splendor of a castle from children’s fairy tales and allow yourself to get lost in its magical atmosphere.


A beautiful park with thousands of exotic trees, plants and flowers. Several deep water lakes with freshwater fish and waterfowl. Chapel, art gallery, horse riding, zoo, wishing fountain, beautiful marble and bronze statues and displays, wooden sculptures from Indonesia, throne rooms, winery, magic gazebo, cafe and free parking. In addition, various games are organized for a fee – “Escape” – for families, “Treasure hunters” – for children, “The Seven Deadly Sins” – 18+. The Art Gallery houses the Museum of Porcelain and the Museum of Ancient Geographical Maps, a new a hall inside the castle – “The Builder’s Chambers”.

Many weddings, team building, festivals and other events take place in “In Love with the Wind”. The castle is the winner of a number of major international awards, including “Best Family Attraction” at the prestigious International Travel Awards.