“Rinty the Dragon and the Order of Kings” comes to life in a short dance film

“Rinty the Dragon and the Order of the Kings” is the long-awaited continuation of Donika Rizova’s debut book, and the children from Movarte Kids and Dance Station tell the story of “The Legend of the Dancing Dragon” with dance. Choreographers Boryana Ninova and Ralitsa Merdzhanova created the author’s choreography based on the book to build a bridge through the arts with their dance performance, to inspire children to love both dance and literature.

Donika Rizova’s book tells the story of the battle between the Order of Kings and the Order of the Dragon, and now their knights face off in another decisive battle. Greg and the dragon Rinti embark on the adventure – brave friends from the island of Majorca, the Bulgarian Queen Anna Maria, her son Peter, a knight from Perpignan and the Pope himself. Will this rescue mission succeed, in which the dragon eggs, the future of our planet, but also the friendship between the grown-up boys are at stake…

The illustrations in the book are again the work of the talented artist Mira Miroslavova.

The children participating in the “Legend of the Dancing Dragon” project were the first to touch Donika Rizova’s new book. In order to get into character, get inspired and be able to recreate the story, they train for four months. They are prepared by trainers Boryana Ninova and Ralitsa Merdjanova, who have participated in a number of media dance formats, and associate professor Emil Videv is responsible for the stunts and battle scenes.

The challenge was great for all of us because these kids are dance competitors who have won qualifications from a number of international competitions. However, they are choreographing for the camera for the first time, have acting and fight scenes with a specific technique.”
Boryana Ninova, choreographer

The music for the project is also entirely original, written on the plot inspired by the book. Its author is the composer and performer Angel Kovachev, known from the musical duo “Angel and Moisei”.

For the first time, the children presented the show during the presentation of “Rinty the Dragon and the Order of the Kings” at the Book Alley on 10.09.2022. They made a flash mob performance, enticed people to try the steps, signed autographs together with Donika Rizova and turned the presentation into a real literary celebration.

“Seeing your characters come to life through the magic of dance and music is truly magic. The arts intertwine in this project and create extremely impactful paintings. Unparalleled emotion!”
Donika Rizova, author

The premiere of the short dance film, shot in Ravadinovo Castle and the old town of Sozopol, will be on 30.09.2022 and will coincide with the official premiere of the book Rinti the Dragon and the Order of the Kings.