Tutankhamun’s gold is shown in Ravadinovo

The unique treasures of the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun can be seen until the end of September in the Castle “In Love with the Wind” in Ravadinovo.
Among the selected items shown there is the famous golden mask of Tutankhamun. The gold objects on display, adorned with precious stones, are the official replica of the artifacts, owned by the Egyptian government, which travels the world. Prior to Ravadinovo, the exhibition visited Montreal, Canada.

In addition to the famous golden mask of the Egyptian ruler, you can see his unique chariot, with his golden throne, the four gilded sarcophagi, placed one on top of the other on the principle of the matryoshka dolls in which the pharaoh was laid, and a copy of his mummy. They combine ticket to visit the Castle and the exhibition of Tutankhamun costs 30 leva or around 15 Euro per person, and if you buy it through the site of the attraction https://zamaka.bg/ you can also use a discount.